The Effects of New and Discontinuing Network Actors on the Performance of Innovation Systems

Session organizers:

Michael Fritsch (m.fritsch@uni-jena.de) and Muhamed Kudic (kudic@uni-bremen.de)


The dynamics of innovation networks is still not well understood. A number of largely unexplored phenomena relates to structural configuration of network, most notably the consequences of the ‘fluidity’ of actors (entry and exit of nodes )on network structure and the performance of the respective innovation system. Main questions in this regard include:

  • How stable or unstable are cooperative relationships within different types of innovation networks? How does the stability of relationships vary for different types of relationships?
  • How do new actors enter an innovation network? How relevant is “preferential attachment” (Barabasi and Albert 1999)? What kind of alternative attachment logics and mechanisms play a role in this context?
  • In how far does entry and exit of nodes affect the structural properties of a network?
  • What are the consequences of entry and exit on knowledge diffusion within the network and the performance of the respective innovation system?

The proposed special sessions aim at stimulating the debate on network resilience and instability in the highly interdisciplinary field of system and network research. We welcome theoretical and empirical submissions from all kinds of scientific fields and methodological backgrounds.