Measuring Innovation Clusters

Session organizers:

Carsten Fink (chief.economist@wipo.int), Kyle Bergquist and Julio Raffo


The emergence of new and more granular spatial data on innovative activity has opened new doors to identify and analyze innovation clusters.  Relevant data sources include patent data, scientific publication data, university performance data, data on entrepreneurial startups, and others.  How can these data sources help identify clusters and how can they be used to better understand the causes and consequences of cluster formation?  What are the opportunities and challenges to compare cluster performance within and across countries? This special session seeks to discuss the forces driving innovation cluster formation, state-of-the-art techniques that can be employed to identify clusters on the basis of spatial raw data, the opportunities and challenges associated with newly emerging data sources, and empirical research providing new insights into what determines the innovation performance of clusters.

This session is sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization, which will financially support the travel of authors of selected accepted papers.