Innovative Data for Economic Analysis

Session organizers:

Benjamin Montmartin (benjamin.montmartin@gredeg.cnrs.fr), Maryan Feldman (maryann.feldman@unc.edu), Nadine Massad (Nadine.Massard@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr), Ludovic Dibiaggio (ludovic.dibiaggio@skema.edu)


The special session Innovative Data for Economic Analysis (IDEA) is designed to share timely early-stage research in entrepreneurship, innovation and regional economic development that is developing new and original data sources. By providing an overview of recent works using leading-edge data and empirical methods to study the evolution of industries, jobs and innovative activities, this session will provide understanding of how new data will impact academic research, and economic development practice and policy.

This session will encourage dialogue between different areas of expertise building on different strands of literatures in management, innovation studies and economic geography.