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Av. Diagonal, 690

08028 Barcelona

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At the airport, Aerobus stops are located outside both terminals. Buses are blue and marked as “Aerobus”.

Fare: 5.90 € one-way, 10.20€ return ticket.

You can buy the tickets once you get the bus or in their website:


T1 to Plaça Catalunya:

  • From 05:35 h to 07:20 h every 10 min
  • From 07:30 h to 22:20 h every 5 min
  • From 22:25 h to 01:05 h every 10 min

Plaça Catalunya to T1:

  • From 05:00 h to 06:40 h every 10 min
  • From 06:50 h to 21:45 h every 5 min
  • From 21:50 h to 00:30 h every 10 min

T2 to Plaça Catalunya:

  • From 05:00 h to 00:30 h every 10 min

Plaça Catalunya to T2:

  • From 05:35 h to 01:00 h every 10 min

The average travel time per journey is 35 minutes.


Line 46 drives you from the airport to Plaça Espanya.

Duration: approximately 40 minutes from the terminal T1, depending on traffic conditions.

Leaving every 20 minutes

First bus departing from the airport: 5.30am
Last bus departing from the airport: 11.50pm

First bus departing from the bus station: 4.50am
Last bus departing from the bus station: 11.50pm

Fare: 2.15€

Tel: +34 902 075 027 (From Monday to Sunday, 8:00am to 9:00pm)


The line L9 (orange) connects the airport with Barcelona city. This line is divided between North and South, being the L9 South line the one that links between Barcelona’s airport and the various metro stations in the city. The L9 Sud has stops at 15 stations until it gets to the airport terminals. The line begins at Zona Universitaria station (conference venue) and stops at:


The L9 South line stops at both terminals 1 and 2 of Barcelona airport.


There are various ticket options to travel through the metro lines at Barcelona. Depending on the distance there are various zones, and fares change. The city centre of Barcelona and all the metro lines are included in 1 Zone.

  • Airport Ticket from TMB:
    Ticket valid for a single trip to the airport from any network station or subway to get from the airport to any metro station Barcelona.
    Airport fare: € 4.50€.

The estimated travel time is 35 minutes from the “Zona Universitaria” station to the last stop at T1.

The frequency of passing metros is every 7 minutes or so, but it can be reduced to every 4 minutes in specific occasions that generate high demand.


The metro opens every day at 5.00 am and closes at different times depending on the days:

  • From Monday to Thursday: until midnight
  • Friday and eves of public holidays: until 2.00 am
  • Saturday: runs all night
  • Sunday and mid-week holidays: until midnight

The L2 Line of RENFE links the Terminal 2 of Barcelona airport with various train stations.

In Barcelona city, passengers can reach the “Airport Train” from the following train stations:

– Passeig de Gràcia

– Barcelona Sants Station

– el Prat (Line R2 North)

– From Estació de França Station passengers must take the R2 train line South.

Trains depart every 30 minutes more or less.

If you need to go to terminal T1 or arrive at terminal T1 you can take the free transfer bus service (green color) that runs between both terminals 1 and 2.

The service runs:

  • From 5 am to 8 am: every 7-8 minutes.
  • From 8 am to 8 pm: every 4 minutes.
  • From 8 pm to 5 am: every 20 minutes.

Stops: Outside each terminal:

  • Terminal 1: outside the terminal. Level 0.
  • Terminal 2: outside the terminal. T2B, below the bridge


Travel time:

  • From T1 to T2 the travel time takes about 10 minutes and stops at “Arrivals”.
  • From T2 to T1 the travel time takes about 14 minutes and stops at “Departures”.

Taxis are parked at the ground floor of the airport, in front of the arrival hall.

Duration: approximately 25 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Fare: approximately 20-30 € to Barcelona city centre


The Barcelona metro opens daily at 5.00 am, except on days when it runs all night (continuous service).

Closing dates vary according to the type of day. These are as follows:

  • Weekdays (Monday to Thursday): until midnight.
  • Fridays and eves of public holidays: until 2.00 am.
  • Saturdays: runs all night.
  • Sundays and public holidays during the week until midnight.

The last time given is the time when the last trains leave the station at each end of the line.


  • Bitllet senzill (Single ticket): Allows only 1 trip (is one-way ticket). Price 2,15€.
  • T10 card: Card which allows for 10 trips. Multipersonal (For one person or more). Price 9,95€.

Special tickets for tourists:

  • Targeta T-Dia (T-Day ticket). Unlimited travel with any means of public transportation for 1 day (duration is not 24 hours, lasts until the shuttle service ends at night). For one person only (for example, 3 people must buy 3 tickets). Price 8,40 €.

Official website:

Barcelona metro map:

The stop of the Faculty is: Palau Reial (L3) and from the airport is Zona Universitària (L9)

The buses that arrive to the Faculty are: 7, 33, 67, 75, 113, H6, L14, L79, L97, N12

Barcelona bus map:

For further information please visit:

The tram of Barcelona has 6 different lines:

T1 Francesc Macià > Bon Viatge

T2 Francesc Macià > Llevant-Les planes

T3 Francesc Macià > Sant Feliu/Consell Comarcal

T4 Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica > Estació de Sant Adrià

T5 Glòries > Gorg

T6 Glòries > Estació de Sant Adrià

The stop of the Faculty is: Palau Reial (T1, T2, T3)

For further information please visit :

Find all the practical information on the website of the .


Each participant has to book the hotel by his/her own.

For your information, the GEOINNO2018 conference venue is the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona (Avda. Diagonal 690, Barcelona).

The venue of the gala dinner on the 1st of February is The Maritime Museum of Barcelona (Av. de les Drassanes s/n, Barcelona).

The following hotels are near the GEOINNO 2018 conference – 15-20 minutes walking distance, with a range of prices and categories:

Hotel Catalonia Rigoletto [+]

Hotel Princesa Sofia [+]

Arenas Atiram Hotel Barcelona [+]

Hotel Upper Diagonal [+]

Other options for which you will need to use public transport (20 minutes max. + well connected to the airport and the city center) are:

Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza [+]

Hotel Husa Illa [+]

Abba Sants Hotel [+]

Hotel NH Sants [+]

Expo Hotel Barcelona [+]

Hotel Barceló Sants [+]

For other options (somewhat cheaper), go to the usual booking sites, or try with a simple google search, such as: (look for hotels near metro station “Palau Reial”, or at least nearby the Green Line (Line 3)).

If you are interested in a hotel near the gala dinner instead of the conference (closer to the Ramblas and the heart of the old twon), these are few options with a range of different prices and categories:

Duquesa Suites Barcelona [+]

Mercer Hotel Barcelona [+]

The Wittmore Hotel [+]

Hotel The Serras [+]

Since Barcelona is a touristic city, we encourage you to make your reservation the sooner the better.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at