Governance and institutional needs for Smart Specialisation – an international comparison

Session organizers:

Eskarne Arregui-Pabollet (Eskarne.ARREGUI-PABOLLET@ec.europa.eu), Elisabetta Marinelli (Elisabetta.MARINELLI@ec.europa.eu), Mark Boden (Mark.Boden@ec.europa.eu)


The proposed special session aims at sharing with academics and practitioners the first results of the cross-national analysis of Smart Specialisation governance and institutional needs.
The analysis is part of the activities of Targeted Support for Smart Specialisation conducted at the Joint Research Centre Unit for Territorial Development of the European Commission.

The session will revolve around the following elements:

  • Presentation of the results of an international survey of governance and institutional needs across 8 countries.
  • Parallel working tables (a maximum of 4) across key thematic blocks of the survey (e.g. skills for RIS3 governance; harmonisation of national-regional RIS3 governance; engagement of actors from the third or fourth helix, etc.)

For each parallel working table we plan to have:

  • Two or three of complementary regions (or countries), some presenting a key challenge and others who have successfully managed the challenge, to allow dynamics of exchange and learning.
  • A scholar in the field who can provide further insights on the discussion.
  • A team of the JRC acting as moderator and engaging the public in the discussion

Practitioners, scholars, students and policy makers are invited to take part of the session and contribute with their insights. The session is designed to be interactive and to provide insights at the interface of research and policy practice.