Creating Digital Opportunity

Session organizers:

Shiri Breznitz (shiri.breznitz@utoronto.ca)


Digital technologies are rapidly changing the world we live in, whether by facilitating the restructuring of business into more effective global production networks, or by improving the productivity of businesses applying digital tools in their operations, and providing better opportunities to digitally connect communities. However, these developments do not automatically bestow their benefits upon all businesses or nations equally. We need to understand how information technology firms, digital media content producers and technology users can most effectively participate in the rapidly expanding global digital economy.

The goal of the research partnership is to provide a clearer understanding of how Canada can benefit from these changes, based on solid research, to help business, governments and communities develop effective strategies for Canada’s digital future. The papers presented in this session represent a diverse set of projects from a research partnership funded by the Canadian Social Science Research Council, which includes members from 16 universities and 12 partner organizations from all around the world.

The papers provide a balance between regional development due to the adaptations of new technology platforms such as Uber or Kickstarter as well as an analysis of the resilience in regions to new knowledge and technological shocks.